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Unfortunately most of the sites hosting our reunion photos no longer host them, so they are no longer available.

RCHS Class of 1955 60'th year Reunion

 Our Reunion happened on Sept. 18, 19 2015.  Details Here

If you missed it, you missed a great time.  See the Memories Videos  The Journey made for us. We will be posting pictures on this site.

RCHS Class of '55  "Pap" Madison Cabin Legacy Project

Our class took on a significant project in partnership with the Deadwood Historical Society to restore the oldest building in Rapid City. Thanks to the generous contributions of our classmates, the cabin is on display at The Journey Museum as an enduring reminder of the way things were, and an ongoing legacy of the RCHS Class of '55.   Details Here

Our Previous (55 years) Reunion

We still have photos from that 55'th reunion -- Click on the "Photos from the 55'th Reunion" link above.

Keeping Up Over the Years

We will do our best to keep up with you all as the years pass.  But we need to know when your phone, address, or email changes. And we need to know if you hear of a classmate passing to the great beyond.

Please look at the "WhereaboutsUnkown" link above to see if you have any new information about our missing classmates.

If you are aware of any changes for any classmate, or have changes for yourself,or  have questions, problems, or comments regarding this website, or any address / phone / email change information, please use this Contact Form  to contact Clark (the contact form will open in a new window or tab in your browser) so he can update the website.

There are no further reunions planned for the Class of '55.